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Watch three amazing and unreal anamorphic illusions

(CBS News) There is a visual illusionist on the Internet who never ceases to blow me away with their work. From pendulum wave effects to a "glitch in the matrix"-like water flow (my personal favorite) to animated illusions and so much more. Their latest work displaying anamorphic illusions is just another example of why we love and continue to feature them here on The Feed.

The mind-blowing visual illusions was posted by YouTube user brusspup, who writes about this latest video creation:

I did 3 anamorphic illusions. Rubiks cube, a roll of tape and a shoe. Which one is your favorite? I like the shoe the best.

I've got to agree and say that the shoe illusion was the most striking in the series. But what did you all think? As always, feel free to leave me some comment love below with your thoughts. A big triple-rainbow salute of wonder and awe goes out to brusspup from all of us here at The Feed for this latest work in the series! And if you'd like to check out our previous posts be sure to click here or if you'd like to go to brusspup's YouTube page you can click here.
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