Watch a baby sea lion come on a boat and cuddle

(CBS News) While the resolution at the beginning is on the rough side (and you'll have to experience "vertical video syndrome" throughout), this rare, caught-on-camera moment is sure to have you smiling today. Watch as a baby sea lion jumps into a boat and starts to cuddle hard with the shooter of this video. The love fest really kicks into gear at about 2:41 into the clip.

The event occurred approximately two miles off the coast of Newport Beach, Calif., according to the video, and was posted by YouTube user J.R. Gilkinson who writes:

A day at sea that I will never forget!!!
Awwww... and you'll never have to with this video that provides proof of the rare event taking place, along with a pleasant experience to watch for years to come. (For you and all of us!) And many thanks goes out to you from us here at The Feed for sharing this beautiful moment, J.R.!