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Washington Unplugged: Iranian "Revolution"?

CBS News' Bob Schieffer spoke with Iranian journalist Roya Hakakian today about the events surrounding the protests of the Iranian presidential elections on Washington Unplugged.

"What I am hearing is that there is a great deal of blood on the streets," Hakakian said. "They didn't hold anything back on cracking down on the demonstrators in the past forty-eight hours."

Hakakian said she often gets information from Facebook on the latest developments on the protests.

After the election, the Iranian government cracked down on cell-phone and Internet use within the country, and social networking sites have become the medium of the protest movement.

When asked where the demonstrations are head, Hakakian says she believes that events in Iran are leading towards revolution.

"Whether it happens next week, next month, or whether it will take a year or two is unclear, but major change must come to Iran because there is no way that you can keep the women in Iran, the youth in Iran, content any longer," Hakakian said.

The full episode of Washington Unplugged can be seen below, which also includes a discussion of U.S.-German relations, a look back at Michael Jackson's 1984 visit to the White House and a interview with a former White House chef:

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