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Washington farm's solution for marijuana waste: Pot-fed pork

One Washington state farm is raising a stock of potbellied pigs -- literally.

Since the state legalized recreational marijuana in November, new cannabis growers venturing into the legal market find themselves facing unique problems in unprecedented territory. For one: What to do with all the stems, roots and other waste from their plants?

Susannah Gross, the owner of a five-acre farm north of Seattle, told Reuters she may have a solution to the problem. She and a group of others are experimenting with feeding the weed waste to pigs, in order to get the pigs to eat more.

Four pigs were reportedly given feed with the marijuana leftovers over the last four months. It worked; they ended up 20 to 30 pounds heavier than other swine from the same litter when they were sent to the slaughter house in March.

"They were eating more, as you can imagine," Gross told the wire.

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