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Was Balloon Boy Story a Stunt?

Sheree Silver, a psychic and contestant on ABC's "Wife Swap," was the "wife" swapped in for Richard Heene's spouse in March.

Silver, who spent two weeks with Richard Heene and his three sons, said on "The Early Show" the first thing that occurred to her when she heard the news of Richard's son Falcon's balloon incident was that Richard may have pulled a publicity stunt.

"My first thought was, 'Oh my God, Richard, did you do this on purpose?'" she said. " ... Because nothing's bigger than the whole news following a flying saucer."

Photos: The "Balloon Boy" Incident

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Silver, of St. Augustine Fla., said she later thought the Heenes believed the child could well have been missing.

Falcon was found hiding in the family's attic.

In Silver's time as Richard's "wife" on the reality show, she said, he was "eccentric," "aggressive," "creative," and "intense."

"He had a temper," she said.

Richard, she said, liked to engage his children in his science experiments and storm-chasing endeavors.

Silver said she wouldn't have been surprised if one of Richard's children would have jumped into the balloon, because the children have no fear, adding, "They're fearless like him."

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