"Wal-Mart of weed" set to open: Should medical marijuana go mainstream?

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"Wal-Mart of Weed" set to open in Sacramento, Calif.

(CBS/AP) SACRAMENTO, Calif. - Is medical marijuana going mainstream?

On Saturday, a cavernous 10,000-aquare-foot pot emporium is set to open here, and in coming months the company behind it plans to open similar stores in Arizona, Colorado, New Jersey, and Oregon.

The new weGrow store - which wags have dubbed the "Wal-Mart of Weed" - isn't selling weed. It's offering up how-to experts and merchandise to help medical marijuana patients grow pot hydroponically.

The Sacramento Bee says the enterprise started in Oakland last year as a warehouse store called iGrow.

In the past, hydroponics outlets have avoided any mention of marijuana because pot cultivation is illegal under federal law. But hydroponics stores have exploded as states approve medical marijuana use.

Fifteen states now allow the use of marijuana for pain relief, nausea, and loss of appetite by people with debilitating diseases like AIDS and cancer, according to the New York Times.

Given the federal government's opposition to decriminalizing pot, what should patrons of the weGrow store be called?

Smart shoppers? Or scofflaws?

What's your opinion?