Volery Simplifies Windows 7 Migrations by Batch-Installing Your Apps

Sorry if that headline is confusing, but hear me out, because this is really cool. And there's a freebie involved.

If you're upgrading from Windows XP to Windows 7 or buying a new PC with the latter preinstalled, you face the same tedious chore: reinstalling all your apps.

That means digging out a bunch of CDs and/or downloading programs from various sites, then installing them one at a time. That could take hours!

Volery creates custom software-installers with the apps of your choice. Just choose from the 70-plus available programs -- everything from Avast Anti-Virus to Microsoft Office 2007 Standard (trial version) to uTorrent -- and the service builds an installer that will download and load them all.

I'm loving this thing. I'm actually just getting ready to make the move to Windows 7, and I found 13 programs that I'm only too happy to let Volery fetch and install for me.

Obviously this process will take time, but it frees you up to go and do other things. Normally you'd have to babysit your PC, installing one app after another. Bo-ring!

The Volery service is currently in closed beta, but the first 1,000 Business Hacks readers who sign up with demo code BNET can get a free account!

Just be sure to act fast, as Volery is launching this Wednesday, Oct. 21, at which point you won't be able to get a demo account. Instead, you'll have to pony up $7 for one year (which entitles you to make as many installers as you want).

Much as I'd prefer this being a free service, I think that's a reasonable price given the amount of time and manual labor you're likely to save. Of course, the best bet is to grab that free demo account, which will continue to work until Nov. 21.