Viral YouTube vids making their makers big bucks

Viral videos have become one of our favorite guilty pleasures, but until recently, the makers of YouTube's most popular videos had little to show for them other than bragging rights about the number of hits the videos got.

That is now changing.

Chances are you've seen or shared some of the viral videos that have become online blockbusters. And you can be sure the amateur directors who posted them are glad you did. Because now, they're cashing in.

From little David, who couldn't feel anything after his visit to the dentist to Lily, who was overcome with sheer excitement after hearing the news of a surprise Disney vacation ,- these unexpected Internet celebrities just might be financially set for college before they enter middle school.

Little David's video has earned him more than $100,000 and Lily's video has netted her $3,000 so far and an advertising deal is in the works -- not too shabby for just being adorable and funny!

But it's not just kids making their own viral stamp. Technically challenged grandparents, Bruce Huffman and Esther Huffman have cashed in on their viral success with their "Webcam 101 for Seniors" and have also become Internet celebrities.

The lovable "senior Skypers" talked to "Early Show" co-anchor Chris Wragge about life since their viral web-cam YouTube video, which is now at more than 8.7 million views:

"Webcam 101" stars on "Early Show"