Video: Troy Polamalu ambushed with hair clippers

Troy Polamalu is known for two things - his hard hits and his long hair.

So when this Jackass-style video surfaced of the Steeler star's locks getting shaved, it quickly became an Internet hit and was even aired on ESPN.

The question is: is it an authentic prank or was it staged? The video shows clippers held by someone, apparently a teammate, approach Polamalu from behind and buzz off a portion of his flowing locks (insured last year for $1 million) all the way to the scalp.

The Steelers star first laughs it off, then becomes irate when he realized what happened. The prankster and a few others erupt in laughter.

But the perfectly shaved rectangle on Polamalu's head seems a little too perfect considering the quick swipe of the perpetrator.

Polamalu's hair has been targeted by an NFL player before - but that was during a game. The Chiefs' Larry Johnson tackled Polamalu by the hair during a 49-yard interception return in a 2006 game.

The five-time Pro Bowl player wears his hair long as a tribute to his Samoan heritage.


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