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Video Shows Taliban Attack on NATO Depot

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Footage of Taliban fighters torching dozens of NATO trucks at a Peshawar depot last December were revealed in a new video distributed on militant Islamist Internet forums today. The video is an indication of the Taliban's strategy of cutting off NATO supply lines.

The 12-minute video was produced by al Qaeda's media wing As Sahab, suggesting that the attack might have been a joint Arab-Afghan operation.

It opened with footage from a reconnaissance trip made by the group prior to the attack, followed by night pictures of Taliban fighters storming the terminal and setting fire to dozens of containers carrying different trucks and Humvee vehicles. There were also A/math pictures of the terminal, taken after the attack.

Although Pakistani authorities had announced that over 300 heavily-armed Taliban operatives had carried out the attack, the footage shows there were only a dozen or two militants.

The video also featured a statement by al Qaeda's Afghanistan leader Mustafa Abul al Yazid. There were excerpts from an old video entitled: "Harvest of Seven Years of Crusades" released last September, where Abu al Yazid was incited Pakistani militants to attack NATO supply lines. The video closed with a new statement by Abu al Yazid appealing to Muslims to donate money to the militants.

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