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Video shows man choked by police officer at Waffle House after prom

WARSAW, N.C. -- video posted to social media shows a man in prom attire being choked by a police officer and slammed to the ground at a Waffle House parking lot in North Carolina.

Warsaw Police Chief Eric Southerland told The News & Observer of Raleigh that his department and the district attorney's office are investigating, and more information will be released.

It wasn't immediately clear what might have prompted the officer's use of force.

This have to stop please help by share reporting to ever news report u know please

Posted by Anthony Wall on Tuesday, May 8, 2018

The video was shared by Anthony Wall, the man seen in the video. Wall, 22, told television station WTVD he took his 16-year-old sister to prom Saturday before the siblings went to the Warsaw Waffle House. Police were reportedly called to the Waffle House after Wall got in an argument with employees there.

"I was pretty much trying to scream for air and to breathe, because he was holding my throat, and that's when I got aggressive with him because you are choking me," Wall told the station.

The station reports Wall says his back was injured and he had a cut on his arm. He was charged with resisting arrest and disorderly conduct. 

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