Video: Politics week-in-review

(CBS News) Obama trips: President Obama was so "fired up and ready to go," he almost didn't make it to the podium at a campaign event in Florida on Friday. The clumsy Commander-in-Chief laughed it off though, telling the crowd, he "couldn't wait to get out here."

Reid's "clown question, bro": Senate Majority Harry Reid took a page out of baseball's Bryce Harper's book on media relations, telling a Capitol Hill reporter asking about immigration, "that's a clown question, bro."

The 19-year-old Washington Nationals star had dropped that line when a reporter in Canada asked him what his favorite beer is.

Reid clearly got a kick out of himself, tweeting "I quoted a great Nevadan in a press conference today," with a link to the video.

Romney grandson keeps pressure on: GOP presumptive nominee Mitt Romney and his wife Ann visited the press corps in the back of a campaign plane earlier this week. The proud grandfather of 16 told reporters his four year old grandson keeps asking, "have you beat Barack Obama yet?"

Swing State stories: On a tour of swing states in the midwest, senior political reporter Brian Montopoli met a businesswoman in Las Vegas particularly disappointed in President Obama for a flailing economy.

Listen to furniture manufacturer Debbi Somers' story in the video to the left.

Dickerson's Reporters Roundtable: Finally, as we gear up for a decision from the Supreme Court on President Obama's health care law, CBS News political director John Dickerson and his "Reporters Roundtable" discussed the possible outcomes and how they'd affect the general election.