Video: Police fatally shoot man wielding a metal bar outside Calif. restaurant

The Calif. restaurant where police shot and killed a man reportedly breaking windows with a metal bar

(CBS) MONTEREY PARK, Calif. - Police in Southern California shot and killed a man who was reportedly using a metal bar to break windows at a fast food restaurant Monday. The gunfire was caught on tape.

Police and witnesses described a man in his 20s carrying a backpack, who placed an order at the Carl's Jr., but left without his food.

"He just came back and started breaking all of the windows," witness Jimmy Aragon told CBS Los Angeles. "He was just like, nervous breakdown, you know; we didn't know what to do."

First the man, wielding what police described as a three-foot long metal bar, was shocked with a Taser gun, but witnesses said it did not seem to faze him.

"He took the shocker off... the taser. He threw it at the cops," witness Nick Escalante said.

"He managed to just yank it off and was still walking away," Aragon said.

Cops were yelling, "Stop, put the pipe down," recalled Escalante.

Aragon said the man lifted the pipe up above his head near an officer and officers shot him. He later died in the hospital.

The video was taken by a CBS Los Angeles "StreetTeam" member identified as Frank R.

Police said that they did not believe that the man who a killed was trying to rob the restaurant. The Monterey Park police are investigating the shooting.

The man has not yet been publicly identified pending notification of his relatives, coroner's chief Craig Harvey said.