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Video Last Gasp Between Britney Spears, Kohl's, Candie's

Candie's and Kohl's will have one more fling with Britney Spears, then move on to a new face for the brand.

Yet the annual change, which saw Spears take over from Hayden Panettiere as Candie's celebrity spokesperson in 2008, will be very much on the Radar. In fact, it will be based on Radar, Spears new music video, were she appears outfitted in Candie's attire. Iconix, which owns the Candie's brand and distributes its exclusively through Kohl's in the United States, will use footage from the video for its fall season television commercial, which will break in late summer along with a print advertising campaign to appear in fashion, entertainment and lifestyle magazines. Spears already appeared in Candie's spring print and online marketing campaign.

The music video features Spears sporting Candie's apparel, footwear, jewelry and accessories. After she makes her Candie's clad autumnal contribution, Spears will surrender her celebrity spokesperson role, said Iconix spokesperson Maria Dolgetta, who explained:

It's part of the original agreement we announced back in March. We always do two seasons in these campaigns, spring and fall, and we do TV in fall for back to school. What we do with Candie's is get a new celebrity spokesperson so we have a new face for the brand every year. Our customers embrace celebrity and are all about it. We'll announce who our spokesperson for 2010 is, and that can happened some time from February to April next year.
So, Iconix has the tricky job of finding someone to follow Spears. "It's going to be hard to top Britney," Dolgetta said. "How do you follow Britney as an advertising and marketing focus, and create that excitement?"

Iconix will be on the lookout for someone who scores high in consumer name and image recognition. "We're open as to who we go to as the next spokesperson," she said. "We tend to lean toward music for Candie's, but we haven't started to brainstorm yet."

We might nominate Hilary Duff, but that could be considered akin to nepotism, although she's no kin of the blogger. Besides, she was a Candie's celeb spokesperson back in 2005.