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Vice visits a "guinea pig village" in the Netherlands

(CBS) - We turn our attention from young banjo prodigies and a battle between "Stars" to something near and dear to our hearts here at The Feed: animals that are a total dose of cute overload! Today we have for you a fun piece made by Vice's "The Cute Show" exhibiting a guinea pig village in the Netherlands.

They writes about this land of furry creatures:

If you happen to find yourself in the Netherlands, there's a small guinea-pig village where you can adopt one of these creatures yourself to eat (please don't), rub on your body, squeeze, or whatever else you wish. All day long they roll around on a plush lawn dotted with tiny windmills and miniature gnomes playing saxophones. There's even a separate, less busy area for older guinea pigs to spend their retirement

I definitely got a bit of a laugh when they showed off the guinea pig "retirement home". So what did you think of this odd but interesting little village? Leave me some comment love below with your thoughts. And to check out more of Vice's "The Cute Show", you can click here to go to their website.

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