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VH1's "Best Year Ever" On Pop Culture

Each week the folks at VH1 offer their take on the "Best Week Ever."

Tonight they're going to tackle the year in pop culture for 2008 with their "Best Year Ever."

You could say that "The Best Year Ever" differs in their selection process when compared to Time magazine, who does their person of the year, or "Biography," who does "Biography of the Year," for example, where decisions take weeks of editorial meetings and grinding through material.

When asked about their "meticulous preparation methods in preparing for tonight's "Best Year Ever," by Early Show co-anchor Harry Smith, Paul F. Thompkins and Chuck Nice of VH1's "Best Week Ever" of course had a comical response.

"Are you familiar with the Magic 8 Ball? It's a very useful tool and it's even better than darts on a dart board. You save so much money on blindfolds now. Shake it up - highly scientific," Thompkins joked.

Both Thompkins and Nice say that they "celebrate" the nominees who make the list, instead of "destroying" them, as Smith suggested.

One of the top nominees is Corey Worthington.

"He's a young man from Australia who threw a party that destroyed a town," Thompkins said. "His parents were out of town. 'Why not wreck things?' And he refused to apologize for it."

"And he made the news in Australia and all over the world and became an Internet sensation because of his refusal to apologize on Australian national TV. The reason why he's nominated is because, we normally don't associate being insolent and cocky with being Australian - that's normally a French thing. It's good to see they are stepping up to the plate," said Nice.

"Dancing with the Stars'" Cloris Leachman also made the "Best Year Ever" list.

"She is too old to have been on "Dancing with the Stars" for as long as she was on," Thompkins said.

"The public refused to let her off that show. And at a point, I think she was sort of crying out to be let off the show. Begging. She was on the verge of collapse after every dance," Thompkins said.

Thomas Beattie, "the pregnant man" is also a "Best Year Ever" contender.

"That - even now is just amazing," Smith added.

"You should run for office, Harry! That was great," Nice added.

Getting ready to do the show is always lots of fun, but there are things that Thompkins and Nice admit they say in preparation for the show that they can't say on television.

"So, how do you know where to draw the line? What is funny and what's just pathetic?" Smith asked.

"We try to get a little bit of both in the show," Thompkins said.

"If you can laugh at someone and still feel good about yourself, then we have done our job," Nice said.

"The way we want to do it, we want to give people the idea we're laughing with them, but we're really laughing at them," Thompkins said.

"We want to give them that idea," Nice said.

Ultimately, with that illusion everybody wins.

"Best Year Ever" airs tonight at 9:00 p.m. ET/PT on VH1.

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