Valentine's Survey: Best Roses For the Money

Last Updated Feb 12, 2010 5:35 PM EST

Just in time for Valentine's Day, the Consumer Warning Network decided to find out what flower deliveryservices delivered the most for your money by ordering flowers from six vendors--four national, one local florist and a road-side stand.

Prices for the dozen roses they ordered ranged from $103.76 from FTD to just $51.34 from 1-800-Flowers. What they got varied widely, too, including one national delivery service that failed to deliver roses.

Teleflora, which charged $94.94 for the order sent a pretty--but markedly cheaper--carnation and lily bouquet instead of the ordered roses. Consumer Warning Network's investigators spent hours trying to clear up the mistake and finally gave up.

While the prices were vastly different, the bouquets...not so much. You can check out the photos here.

Meanwhile, says their survey revealed that the most romantic men live in New York and biggest cads in California. How'd they gauge that? New Yorkers, according to their survey of some 5,000 men, had already bought their sweethearts a Valentine's gift by Thursday the 11th, but Californians said they'd pick something up on Sunday.

Men, being men, also were fairly predictable on their gift choices (not necessarily a bad thing, by the way): Flowers, chocolate and wine.