UVA Lacrosse Death: Police Find Bloody T-Shirt and Letter to Yeardley Love in Huguely's Apartment, Says Report

George Huguely (Charlottesville Police Department)

CHARLOTTESVILLE, Va. (CBS/WJZ) A search conducted by the Charlottesville Police Department has reportedly led to the discovery of more evidence against George Huguely, the man accused of killing fellow UVA student Yeardley Love.

PICTURES: Yeardley Love Murdered; George Huguely Charged

According to court documents, police found a red-stained University of Virginia T-shirt and a letter addressed to Yeardley Love inside Huguely's apartment, says The Charlottesville Daily Progress.

Charlottesville police Detective Lisa Reeves filed documents Wednesday in Charlottesville Circuit Court that detail the results of her search of Huguely's apartment Monday afternoon, reports The Daily Progress.

In addition to the letter - the contents of which have not been disclosed - and the T-shirt, police seized two white Apple laptop computers, a green spiral notebook, two white socks, a bathroom rug, a shower curtain, the apartment's entryway rug, a pair of blue cargo shorts and a Bobby Jones brand polo shirt, says the newspaper.

Police continue to look into exactly what happened between Love and Huguely the night of the murder, as well as the relationship that existed between the two University of Virginia students prior to Love's murder. They are also, according to CBS affiliate WJZ, looking into whether Huguely threatened Love the night of her death, and if Huguely had been drinking heavily before their fight.

George Huguely was arrested Monday morning in connection with the murder of Yeardley Love. Love, 22, was found dead in her apartment by one of her roommates who suspected she had an alcohol overdose; however, when police arrived, they noticed that Love's body had signs of physical trauma.

The medical examiner's office in Richmond completed an autopsy of Love on Wednesday, but police and the medical examiner's office said they were not yet ready to release Love's cause of death, says The Daily Progress

The paper reports that investigators have also obtained search warrants to find evidence at Love's apartment and on Huguely's body. Results of those search warrants have not been made public.

MEDIAPICTURES: Yeardley Love Murdered; George Huguely Charged

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