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Use SlyDial to Dial Straight Through to Voicemail

You urgently need to reach the boss. She's in meeting and asked not to be disturbed. Text message? Good thought, but you've got too much information for a tweet-length missive. Solution: SlyDial, which lets you dial straight through to voicemail, even if the person's phone is on and active. Sly, indeed!

We wrote about this service nearly a year ago, and the song remains largely the same: Dial the SlyDial number, wait for the prompt, then dial the person's cell number. Listen to a short ad, then leave your message.

Now, however, there's an optional premium SlyDial service ($2.99 monthly, $29.95 annually, or 10 cents a pop) that lets you bypass the ads and leverage new SlyDial apps for BlackBerry, iPhone, and Windows Mobile.

With the apps, all it takes is a few taps to voicemail-dial a person in your address book -- much easier than entering the number manually when prompted. The apps themselves are free, but they do require a premium account.

What do you think? Is a service like this worth a few bucks a month? I don't think I'd use it often enough for that, but I like the pay-per-use option. Actually, I don't mind sitting through an ad if it lets me dial for free, but then I wouldn't get to use the uber-convenient apps.

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