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U.S. Has "Questions" About Iran's Election

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Philip "P.J." Crowley, the Assistant Secretary of State for Public Affairs, said on "Washington Unplugged" today that the Obama administration has "questions about what has transpired" in the Iranian election, much like the Iranian people.

Crowley told host John Dickerson that "it's going to take time to sort out" what happened.

Still, Crowley said, the administration maintains its intentions to engage Iran diplomatically.

"The president reached out to Iran for direct negotiations because it is in our national interest to do so," he said. "It's because of the questions that we have about Iran, not only their nuclear ambitions but also their support of terrorism and their future position in the region."

Crowley was also pressed by Dickerson on what the White House got out of Israel Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu's speech yesterday. Crowley noted that Netanyahu said, for the first time, he is willing to support a two-state solution involving Israel and Palestine.

"And that is important," he said. "Now we'll have to wait and see in further talks that we have not only with Israel but also with the Palestinians and also with other countries in the region, do we have enough to actually move forward as part of a process."

Dickerson noted that the proposed Palestinian state outlined by Netanyahu would have no military at all, and asked if that is realistic.

"That's what the negotiations actually have to finally determine, is what kind of state, under what borders, and so on and so forth," he said. "…We're still kind of trying to assess, do we have enough to actually move forward into a formal negotiating process."

The full episode, which also features a report from Iran from CBS News correspondent Elizabeth Palmer and analysis of what the future holds for the country with Karim Sadjadpour of the Carnegie Endowment For International Peace, is embedded above.

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