U.S. arrest made in Australia collar bomb case

The FBI has made an arrest in connection with the case involving a teen who was trapped inside her Sydney, Australia home with a fake collar bomb on Aug. 3, CBS News has learned.

The arrest happened earlier Monday in the Louisville, Kentucky area. Australian officials are filing extradition papers.

As reported by CBS News affiliate WLKY Louisville, the suspect is being held at FBI headquarters.

Earlier this month, an Australian bomb squad freed the teenager, later identified as 18-year-old Madeleine Pulver, from her home after 10 hours.

Australian teen freed from reported bomb

Australian authorities said that the suspect broke into the home and planted a fake bomb around Pulver's neck. The suspect also left a note that contained demands, which were not disclosed.

The device, which New South Wales state Police Assistant Commissioner Mark Murdoch described at the time as "very elaborate, very sophisticated," remained intact after Pulver was freed. She was later reunited with her family and taken to a hospital.

Murdoch later described the incident as a "very elaborate hoax."

The case is being treated as attempted extortion, according to WLKY. The FBI is planning a news conference to discuss the matter Monday evening.