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Update your LinkedIn profile without telling your boss

Here's a handy little tip that can help you prepare for a job search without showing your hand to your current employer.

What's the first thing you do when you decide it's time to explore your career options? If you're like most people, you probably dust off your LinkedIn profile and make sure it's current, accurate, and enticing.

Unfortunately, anytime you make a change to your LinkedIn profile, that change is immediately broadcast to all of the folks in your network. That's intentional, and can be a good thing. But for obvious reasons, you might not want your boss or coworkers to know that you're starting a job hunt.

No problem. Most folks don't realize that it's easy to disable this automatic profile update. You can turn it off, make your changes, and then turn it back on again. Or leave it off permanently -- it's up to you.

To do that, click the "Settings" link under your account name (at the top right of the LinkedIn page) and then choose the Profile tab. Under Privacy Controls, clicks Turn on/off your activity broadcasts, and clear the checkbox. Save changes, and you are done. Now you can make changes without tipping off anyone in your network. [via Digital Inspiration]

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