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Unusual wedding crashers caught on tape in California

LOS ANGELES -- A dramatic cliffside rescue of a rock climber led firefighters to crash a Kansas City couple's picturesque ceremony in Malibu right as the pair was preparing to say "I do."

David and Jihan Chesher spent eight months planning their wedding and decided on the beachfront as the destination after Jihan told David that it was her dream to get married while her toes were in the sand, reports CBS Los Angeles.

The ceremony Saturday, though, was interrupted by the Los Angeles County Fire Department as a rock climber got stuck and needed immediate rescuing.

The incident happened just as the two love birds were about to say "I do" on a beach in Malibu.

"I see the nose of the helicopter coming around the side of the cliff. I grabbed her hands and I said, 'Oh, you've got to be kidding me,' " David Chesher said.

Cellphone video taken by a wedding guest captured cheers by the wedding party as firefighters rescued the climber and a picture also captured the couple making a heart shape with their hands as the helicopter flew away.

After the rescue, the ceremony continued.

"It was just a really funny situation. I get that some people might freak out about it, but I have no control over that helicopter up there in the air, so it was just funny at that point," Jihan Chesher said.

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