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UK Weddings: Straights Can Wait

At last. Only 40 odd years since homosexuality was decriminalized here in England, same sex couples will shortly be able to join together in civil (if not holy) matrimony.

From Wednesday, gay couples can legally combine their financial affairs, have next-of-kin rights at hospital and share in that once exclusively heterosexual activity – divorce. It doesn't sound like the law is giving them much, but more than 12 hundred same sex couples have already registered their intent to 'marry'.

Now, I am told that these will not be marriages in the eyes of God – because apparently he would be absolutely furious with the idea of two people who love each other making a life-long commitment to each other and forsaking all others 'til death do they part.

Of course no one knows for sure what God would think because no one can ask him, but plenty of English bible bashers have elevated themselves to being the Lord's spokesman on this issue - all condemning gay love as a crime close to genocide.

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Against the wishes of the gay community, religion has already been forced out of these civil ceremonies. It's time religion was forced to keep its unloving opinion out of them too. Time to shut up and leave these love-struck couples to their "Pink Weddings" – as they are being dubbed.

As I speak, all over England, plans are being made, invitations are being embossed and cakes are being decorated with two grooms or two brides on the top. Joy is abound. This new law is making people happy – and how often does that happen?

Our gay capital is a place called Brighton in the South of England – there 198 Civil Partnership Ceremonies (as they're officially called) are due to take place in the next 3 weeks and so far there are 510 bookings for the coming months.

Some straight couples have complained they cannot find a venue. I say let them wait with patience and grace. Gay couples have had to do likewise for a lifetime for the basic human right to say "I do".

by Petrie Hosken by Petrie Hosken

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