U.K. couple could face $200,000 hospital bill after baby born in NYC

Update: Lenox Hill Hospital has told news outlets in a statement that it would ensure that "there will be no financial impact to the family."

A British couple is taking to the Internet to raise money after their newborn son arrived prematurely while they were on a trip to New York City -- leaving them stranded far from home and facing a possible $200,000 hospital bill.

Katie Amos and her fiancé Lee Johnston were enjoying a holiday getaway to New York when she unexpectedly went into labor on Sunday while walking through Central Park. Baby Dax was born 11 weeks early, weighing just 3 pounds.

"The good news is Dax is doing really well," Johnston told the Daily Mirror newspaper. "The only problem is we aren't sure if our insurance covers the medical bill."

Baby Dax
Lee Johnston, Katie Amos and baby Dax in a photo posted on the couple's GoGetFunding.com page. GoGetFunding.com

Dax is being cared for at Lenox Hill Hospital in Manhattan. Doctors say he won't be ready to go home until March. In the meantime, the U.K. Independent reports the new parents have been given accommodations at a nearby Ronald McDonald House, which helps families of hospital patients free of charge.

"We feel quite stranded at the moment, we are stuck here without our family,"Johnston said. "It is scary because we don't know anyone so we are completely on our own. We just really want to get home but the main thing is Dax is as safe and as well as possible."

To help cover the whopping medical bills, the couple posted their story and an appeal for donations on the website GoGetFunding.com, under the title "Dax's Tale of New York."

"Hi, my name is Dax Johnston," the post says. "My Mummy and Daddy went on a 5 day break to New York as a last get away before I came along.... they were having such a good time I wanted to see what all the fun was about, and I decided to pop out 11 weeks early!!!!! Oooops! Maybe it wasn't a good idea as now we are not aloud to leave the hospital until March the 10th!!!!! We need your help as Mummy and Daddy have no money, no clothes, no friends or family or a familiar face to just say hello to!"

It continues, "We are not sure if Mummy and Daddy's Travel Insurance is going to cover our costs so they are very worried as the bill is looking at being over $200,000 which is £130,000!!! Yikes!"

As of Friday evening, donors had pledged nearly $10,000.