Two very impressive feats of strength and skill

(CBS News) Your blogger here has been working on getting back into shape after an extended period of... well, laziness. Running regularly, some weight-lifting, even the occasional sit-up here and there. But nothing I'm doing, or have ever done even in my prime, possibly compares to these two very different and impressive feats of strength and skill. We start things off with a little bit of jump rope above, but seriously unlike any that you've likely ever seen or attempted before.

The fast-on-his feet moves with a rope clip was posted by YouTube user gumchan79793, and is without a doubt one seriously intense workout. Up next, we move from a rope to a pole with a series of demonstrations by "world pole dance champion" Oona Kivela getting vertical, horizontal and just about every angle in between from YouTube user Pole Ranking. (I can't fathom the level of physical fitness it requires to pull these amazing moves off!) Watch and see for yourself below.