Two great examples of viral advertising (that will have you laugh and smile)

(CBS News) I've got nothing against viral advertising. I sometimes take issue when it's done in a way that comes off as real when it's not, but have to admit there are some great ads made for those who love viral videos. So let's go ahead and show two good recent examples that are bound to make you laugh and smile. We kick things off with Coca-Cola playing on the idea of security cameras in a novel way. Check it out.

Much like many of you I'm sure, I tend to associate security camera footage with the not-so-good moments in life. So it's rather sweet to see they sometimes capture instances of fun, whimsical, romantic, silly and otherwise.  A total feel-good video that actually had this blogger smiling.

And next up we have a group of men testing out Pine-Sol with a little surprise waiting for them. Wait a sec', what's that moving behind the cabinet...? Spoiler: It involves "Pine-Sol power, baby!"