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Two Clinton Voters On Why They're Not On Board With Obama

(UNITY, N.H.) Laughter rippled through the crowd of over 2,000 at the elementary school field in Unity, New Hampshire, when Hillary Clinton said of her long primary battle with Barack Obama, "I was proud we had a spirited dialogue."

Recovering quickly, Clinton smiled and said that it was the nicest way she could think of phrasing their fight for the nomination.

Hillary Clinton came here to pledge her support to Obama, and the crowd gave each Democrat a warm reception. But not all of Clinton's supporters are on board with her vocal support of her former rival.

Malka Yaacobi, a musician from Cambridge, Massachusetts, said that she voted for Clinton in the primaries, and Obama still did not sit right with her.

"I will not say I'll vote for him," she said. " …I don't trust him and he doesn't have experience."

Chris Baimbridge from Northwood, New Hampshire, also voted for Clinton in her state's primary. Baimbridge said she grew so frustrated with a cable news channel's coverage of Clinton that she could no longer watch it.

"I really believe the press treated her unfairly," she said.

Baimbridge wasn't as dismissive of the idea of voting for Obama in November as Yaacobi was, and she cited John McCain's visit to Liberty University as the reason why she won't consider voting for the Republican.

But Baimbridge said she may just stay home in November. And it wouldn't be much help, in her eyes, if Obama asked Clinton to be his running mate.

"I just don't think Hillary could take second place and be told by somebody else what to do," she said.

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