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Tweeters rage against the D.C. machine

Updated 5:00 p.m. ET

Spurred by a blogger to vent about gridlock and political posturing in Washington over the debt ceiling crisis, the Twittersphere was burning this morning with citizens' grievances against their government, announced with an expletive-filled hashtag - vulgarity mixed with insight and a lot of common sense.

Jeff Jarvis (of promoted the flood of Twitter messages with the hashtag #F---YouWashington. A sample is presented below, spelling and punctuation uncorrected.

aNOLAamous: ... for over a million gallons of corexit dumped on coastal Louisiana.

aNOLAmous: ... for letting corporations steal our natural resources and sell them back to the people for profit.

amthewalrus: ... for forcing me to be a criminal by using #cannabis as the #medicine it is!

amyalkon: ... for violating my 4th Amend rights & having a govt lackey sexually assault me as a condition of normal biz travel this am.

bellelass: ... because the less you listen, the more radicalized we'll become. It starts here, just like Tunisia and Egypt.

dancegenie: ... as you hide behind your #political agendas while the #Equines suffer at your hand!

HedgefundPLAY: ... We don't care about any of your reelections.We just want our country to function.

i_magpie: ... for preaching "freedom & democracy" while ignoring, nay supporting crimes against humanity. #Syria

ILikeyouLloyd: ... for giving $3b to Israel when they continue to build illegal settlements & engage in human rights abuses

jmb2612: ... for putting party before country

kgosztola: ... for going after #WikiLeaks & #Anonymous but not Bush Admin officials for torture & destroying rule of law

poissonjensen: ... For almost driving the Earth to it's knees... #ThankYouWashington for giving ordinary decent people courage to speak up..

poissonjensen: ... For being arrogant...

poissonjensen: ... for lying to your constituency... WE the people?

poissonjensen: ... for making corruption legal...

skymama65: ... Because "made in America" was once what Walmart stood for & is now cheap plastic crap

timgummer: ... for not even considering serious #military cut$: 39% of your taxes and 43% of the world's war spending

USRevolution_v2: ... You would rather collapse the global economy than reinstate the normal tax on the 1%

windloochie: ... For proving the best way to get back into power is to sit on your hands and hope everything burns to the ground.

Wriseup: ... for setting up a fail so epic it's gonna make the Great Depression look like a damn Sunday School picnic.

YourAnonNews: ... for thinking activists are the same as terrorists.


Sunday afternoon the #F---YouWashington hashtag was still going strong, even as tweeters complained it was not trending in ways traffic and retweets suggested:

astriddare: ... for adding an asterisk to "Liberty and justice for all*"

TheNewDeal: America is the Only Wealthy Nation That lets it's People Die If They Can't Afford Their Over-Priced Healthcare

chairmanben: ... for Going to Hell in a Handbasket

psychnurseinwi: ... for having the compromising skills of a 3 year old.

TangerineBolen: ... for turning your backs on war crimes and banksters. For the maturity level of 6th graders. For being shockingly lame.

jellencollins: ... for making 'debt' a four letter word and 'f---' an appropriate response.

Trcfwtt: ... I'll gladly eat my peas, but I'm tired of paying for rich ppl when they're getting all the dessert.

Pattydelgado: ... for giving yourselves special benefits and telling the American people they have to suck it up or they're selfish.

LiberalPagan: ... for allowing Citizens United to stand, and for Super-PACs

FourYawkeyWay: ... for considering the stock market indexes as reflective of the American people.

TheNewDeal: ... For Tightening Our Belts So That a Billionaire Can Get Another Tax Break They Don't Need.

KimClune: ... for keeping the American Dream alive for just 1% of the population and funding it with the other 99%.

mrfreight: ... For taking away our civil liberties, something the founding fathers (whom you claim to love) would have NEVER done.

LeftsideAnnie: ... for pretending that the Tea Party is relevant.

andrewbrust: ... I would open my window and scream it, but that would let the air conditioning out. So I'll stick with hashtags.

There were dissenters, too, or just those who felt dissent at 140 characters was too little, too late:

wookhansen: ... for making the citizens of this nation resort to twitter to make our voices heard.

peterdaou: One problem with the #f---youwashington tag is that it's not just Washington's fault when most people don't hold their electeds accountable.

jgilliam: ... for making this tweet feel like it's worth more than my vote

dphaw: The #f---youWashington "movement" was already started by the Tea Party, you are a few years late losers.

ReverendManny: the reason I'm not fully behind #F---YOUWASHINGTON is because both sides DON'T share equal blame for this budget mess

P0TUS:... for running things so badly that our citizens feel compelled to tweet '#F---YouWashington'

But in addition to tweets blasting Washington (Congress, the White House, SCOTUS), messages were also directed at Twitter, suggesting that there were nefarious forces at work to prevent #F---YouWashington from showing up on Twitter's trends (even though it was appearing - quite boisterously, in fact - on Trendsmap.

progBuzz: ... for censorship - the # has obliterated my country on trendsmap but its not trending ...

ANONopn: ... anyone else find it strange that #blamethemuslims is trending but #f---youwashington isnt?

A Trendsmap image from Sunday, July 24, 2011, of the Twitter hashtag #F---YouWashington. Trendsmap

Further Update:

Jeff Jarvis announced that the hashtag will henceforth be #FYW, to prevent profanity from being the cause of any possible censorship (or coyness on the part of media reporting on the story).

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