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Turning Your Cubicle Into A High Tech Hub

As anyone who works in a cubicle knows, sitting in a tiny boxed-in space can make you feel claustrophobic, stuck and even unproductive. But anyone can make their cube a little more comfortable. CNET's Natali Del Conte traveled to the Bronx, New York, to technologically transform one woman's workspace.

When Del Conte arrived at a neighborhood resource center, she found a cubicle that could really use some help.

The cube belongs to a woman named Illectra. Many of her clients are tenants facing eviction in housing court. She helps them try to stay in their homes. Illectra was recently injured in a car accident and The Early Show wanted to surprise her.

Technology was not integrated into her workspace, making it difficult for her to stay organized. Her workspace was cramped and not ergonomic.

First, we gave her a larger screen - a Dell 24-inch UltraSharp monitor. This monitor is a CNET editors' choice because the picture quality is excellent.

Illectra's revamped cube also came with a Optimus Maximus keyboard. Each individual key is like a separate computer screen. You'll have to display some cash though - it costs $1,600.

We also keyed into clutter. A wireless mouse by Microsoft reduces the number of cables on your desk.

When Illectra wants to listen to music, she can now use the Logitech FreePulse wireless headphones. They are bluetooth headphones, so they transmit the music wirelessly between the computer and the earpieces. They're also really light and flexible and fit behind your head, so they don't mess up hairdoos.

We thought Illectra might appreciate a fashionable way to bring her work home with her in the event that she has to do that, so we got her a laptop bag by designer Theresa Kathryn.

For those days when you have to put in extra time at the office, she got a Brookstone single cup coffee maker. Illectra's coworkers told us that she loves her coffee - so now she won't have to leave her desk to get it. The stainless steel machine brews a fresh cup in just two minutes.

Spinning back and forth between the desk and the coffeemaker was not very ergonomic in Illectra's previous office chair, so we switched it out with the Aeron. This will be much better as she recovers from her injuries. It helps your posture because it supports your back.

And finally we got her a bubble calendar, which makes marking off the days of the year just a little more fun.

But gadgets and gear can only get you so far. We did a little organizing, which costs next to nothing. We put her files in colored folders, and also changed the position of her desk so that she has more room.

Illectra's reaction to her new workstation?

"Wow. Wow. Wow," she said. "This is beautiful. I love everything. And I like to listen to music. So I can put the headphones and I can listen without disturbing everyone else. It's the same space, but it has a lot more room. When a client comes in, it makes my space look like I'm more professional. I'm more organized.

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