Tuesday Night Convention Cast Highlights

Last night on our DNC Convention Cast, Katie and our host of political gurus – Bob Schieffer, Dan Bartlett, and Joe Trippi, to name a few – shared their impressions of Hillary Clinton's headlining speech. They also answered questions from readers like you.

The highlights: Morgan Fairchild ponders Hillary Clinton … and Denver nightlife. A man falls through a folding chair. Jeff Greenfield wonders what Edward R. Murrow would think of our Webcast. Byron Pitts snags an interview with Wendell Pierce of "The Wire." Katie discovers the secrets of televised wrestling.

If you missed it, you can watch it right here.

And if you'd like to try to be a part of tonight's live Webcast, send us a question about the convention. Just click the submit button below.

10 - 11pm ET: Live Simulcast
Live simulcast of the CBS News Convention Special from Denver, Colorado.
11 - 11:30pm: Live Webcast
Katie will be asking our CBS News political roundtable questions submitted from users like you.