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Trump says he's received another "very beautiful" letter from Kim Jong Un

Trump: Kim Jong Un sent "beautiful" letter
Trump says he received another "very beautiful" letter from Kim Jong Un 00:49

President Trump says he received yet another "very beautiful" letter from North Korean dictator Kim Jong Un on Thursday, adding that he thinks there will be another meeting between the two. 

Mr. Trump teased reporters on the White House South Lawn Friday by saying he would love to show them the three-page letter but won't, though he later said he might release the "results of the letter." Kim, the president said, isn't happy about the joint military exercises with South Korea, sometimes called "war games." North Korea has suggested its recent short-range missile tests are a response to the military exercises. The president told reporters the letter from North Korea was hand-delivered to his office, joking, "Don't have to worry about leaks."

"He wasn't happy with the tests, the war games...and as you know I've never liked it either," Mr. Trump said, adding that's because he doesn't want to pay for the joint military exercises.

The president insists short-range missile tests by North Korea don't violate any agreement between the U.S. and North Korea because they aren't nuclear tests. 

Mr. Trump — who frequently speaks warmly of the strongman — has left open the possibility of another meeting with Kim after a failed summit in Singapore and a trip crossing over the demilitarized border with South Korea into North Korea earlier this year.

It's unclear when another meeting might take place, and North Korea has shown no signs of progress on denuclearization. 

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