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Trump lashes out at Democratic rivals during Colorado Springs rally

Trump lashes out at Democrats at rally
Trump slams Democratic rivals during Colorado Springs rally 01:22

President Trump lashed out at his Democratic rivals during a nearly two-hour long rally in Colorado on Thursday night, using a contentious ninth debate the night before as fodder to attack many of his potential opponents in the general election.

"Mini Mike didn't do well last night," Mr. Trump said, referencing the barrage of attacks the former New York City mayor faced from candidates like Senators Elizabeth Warren and Bernie Sanders. "I was going to send him a note saying, 'It's not easy doing what I do, is it?'" 

He also lashed out at Senator Amy Klobuchar, who he said "choked" in her debate performance. He mocked the Minnesota senator for part of her spat with former Mayor Pete Buttigieg, in which she asked him if he was calling her dumb for not remembering the name of Mexico's president.

"That was the end of her campaign in my book," Mr. Trump said. He also mimed a person choking multiple times, in reference to both Senator Klobuchar and Bloomberg at the debate.

Mr. Trump said it looks like "crazy Bernie," his nickname for the Vermont senator, might come out on top of the still-crowded Democratic field.

Donald Trump rally — Colorado
President Trump gestures as he addresses a "Keep America Great" rally in Colorado Springs, Colorado, on Thursday, February 20, 2020. Getty

Mr. Trump spent some time on his typical rally topics: Unemployment, military victories and jabs at congressional Democrats. He also spoke out against Fox News, which he said "doesn't treat us the way they used to," and repeatedly attacked Fox host Neil Cavuto.

He also brought up UFC President Dana White, who described Mr. Trump as "loyal, and such a good friend," and heaped praise on Senator Cory Gardner, who is running for reelection in Colorado.

The rally also took a few unexpected digressions: Mr. Trump spent a significant amount of time reading off poll numbers from when he ran against Hilary Clinton in 2016, and also knocked the Academy Awards for choosing the film "Parasite" as Best Picture.

"And the winner is a movie from South Korea. What the hell was that all about?" Mr. Trump said. "We've got enough problems with South Korea, with trade. And after all that they give them best movie of the year?"

"Let's get 'Gone with the Wind,' can we get 'Gone with the Wind' back please?" he added.

Trump complains "Parasite" won best picture Oscar 00:56

The subtitled film's U.S. distributor responded with a tweet saying, "Understandable. He can't read."

The Colorado Springs rally was part of Mr. Trump's four-day swing on the West Coast. He also rallied in Phoenix on Wednesday during the Democratic debate, and he will hold a third rally Friday in Las Vegas.

Colorado Springs has been a stronghold for evangelical Christians — a key component of Mr. Trump's base.

The president's trip — part fundraising, part official event and part campaigning — comes days ahead of major primary contests. The Nevada GOP canceled its caucus contest this year, as did Arizona. California and Colorado will vote on Super Tuesday.

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