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Trump hints U.S. could withdraw from Iran deal

Trump on Mueller probe
Trump on Mueller probe 08:23

President Trump suggested the U.S. could have reason to pull out of the Iran nuclear deal, he said in an interview published Tuesday and Wednesday.

"I think they'll be noncompliant," Mr. Trump told the Wall Street Journal, in reference to Iran's observance of the 2015 Iran nuclear deal, which comes up for recertification in three months.

"I think they're taking advantage of this country," the president said.

Mr. Trump campaigned against the Iran deal during his run for the White House and has repeatedly called it "one of the worst deals in history."

The president also established that he would be comfortable overruling recommendations from his staff regarding the Iran Deal.

He also indicated that he has given some thought to Janet Yellen's future as chair of the Federal Reserve. 

"I would say yes, she is in the running to stay," Mr. Trump told the Journal, but he would not say definitively whether or not he would reappoint someone new.

When asked if Gary Cohn, who currently serves as a top White House economic adviser, was in the running for the Fed position, Mr. Trump responded with a laugh, "He doesn't know this, but yes, he is," but added that "there are two or three" other candidates.

The president anticipates a decision "sometime by the end of year, probably."

Kushner testifies 04:52

The president also declined to offer any certainty about the Special Counsel Robert Mueller's tenure, telling the Journal, "We're going to see" if Mueller's job is safe. "I mean, I have no comment yet, because it's too early. But we'll see. We're going to see," he added.

In light of the ongoing investigations, Mr. Trump told the Journal "I don't even think of pardons" on the basis that "nobody did anything wrong" during his campaign for the presidency.

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