Trudie Hall Update: Did Missing Pregnant Woman Have 2 Husbands?

Trudie Hall (CBS/WBZ)

BARNSTABLE, Mass. (CBS/WBZ) Trudie Hall, the pregnant Nantucket woman who has been missing for almost two weeks, may have been living a double life, according to police.

The 23-year-old soon-to-be mother hasn't been seen since July 29 when her mother reported her missing to police.

But now it appears that Hall may have kept at least one marriage hidden from her mother, who believes someone was threatening her daughter.

"This is sick. I'm going through hell," her mother Vivienne Walker told CBS affiliate WBZ.

Hall was four months pregnant when she left her home on Nantucket on July 27 for an appointment on Cape Cod.

Walker says another woman was threatening her daughter because of the pregnancy.

"This woman, she threatened Trudie and what on God's earth was she thinking? Get rid of the baby or you'll get a gun shot." Walker said that's what the threat included.

Trudie Hall Update: Did Missing Pregnant Woman Have 2 Husbands?
Quiozel Wilson (WBZ)

Sources tell WBZ that Hall had at least one husband and possibly two, but her mother says, as far as she knows, her daughter was not married.

"I know my child, she's very secretive. And I'm just sorry that I didn't get deeper into her secrets even more. I have to live with that regret," Walker said.

But according to records filed with the Barnstable County Probate and Family Court, Hall married Doucet McDowell on April 29, 2009, the Cape Cod Times reported.

Just over six months later Hall married Ram Rimal according to documents filed with the Plymouth County Probate and Family Court, the paper reported.

Rimal is reportedly the last person to have seen Hall before she disappeared, WBZ reported.

Police have searched several locations in Barnstable, Mass., but have not found a body.

The focus of the investigation remains on a man sources told WBZ is the father of Hall's unborn child, but there are still no official suspects in the case.

Sources also tell WBZ that police found blood and bullet fragments in the car that Hall was renting.

Police ask anyone with information about Trudie Hall's disappearance to call the Barnstable Police Department at 508-771-6237.

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