Trudie Hall Missing Update: Police Search Cape Cod Man's Home and Seize Evidence, Says Report

Trudie Hall (CBS/WBZ)
Trudie Hall Update: Police Search Centreville Man's Home and Seize Evidence
Trudie Hall (CBS/WBZ)

BARNSTABLE, Mass. (CBS/WBZ) New discoveries have been made in the search for missing 23-year-old Trudie Hall; however, there are many mysteries surrounding the expectant mother's sudden disappearance.

The Barnstable Police are focusing their attention on Quiozel Wilson of Centreville, Mass., just outside of Hyannis, who is believed to be the father of Hall's unborn child, reports CBS affiliate WBZ.

Thursday afternoon detectives paid a visit to Wilson's home looking for any clues that would lead them to the Nantucket woman who was reported missing July 28.

According to WBZ, detectives seized bags of evidence, a car and a motorcycle, but after questioning Wilson still have no solid answers regarding Hall's whereabouts.

Another mystery in the search for Hall is a website entitled "Find Trudie Hall."

Although the Internet site claims to be "dedicated to helping find Trudie," Hall's mother Vivienne Walker has no idea who started it and said she feels "uncomfortable" not knowing who exactly set up the website, according to The Boston Herald.

"No one asked me if they could do this. No one told me they would be using my daughter's name," Walker told the Boston newspaper in a phone interview. "I don't know quite what to say. This is the first time I am hearing of [] and it is a little bit upsetting." contains the latest media updates, a timeline detailing her final days, and the number of the Barnstable Police Department.

The Internet site which was set up using also includes a blog section where you can comment on news articles posted by the unknown operator.

Hall left the island of Nantucket the morning of July 27 bound for Barnstable, according to Walker, but after more than a day of being unable to reach her daughter via text or telephone, she grew concerned.

Walker contacted police who discovered Hall's rental car which contained traces of blood.  So far, police have not found the missing 23-year-old.

Police ask anyone with information about Trudie Hall's disappearance to call the Barnstable Police Department at 508-771-6237.

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