Troubled Perry High School shooter exhibited warning signs on Facebook

This booking photo made available by the Baltimore County Police Department, shows Robert Wayne Gladden, Jr., 15, of Baltimore. Gladden, Jr. was charged as an adult with attempted first degree murder and first degree assault in the shooting of a classmate on the first day of school at a Baltimore high school.
AP Photo/ Baltimore County Police Department
Robert Gladden Jr. is pictured in his booking photo here
AP Photo/ Baltimore County Police Department

(CBS/AP) PERRY HALL, Md - Robert Gladden Jr., the 15-year-old accused of opening fire on a student on the first day of school at Perry High School, lists Eric Harris and Dylan Klebold, the two teenagers behind the Columbine massacre, as inspiration son his Facebook page, reports CBS Baltimore.

And on the morning of the shooting, the troubled 15-year-old posted: "First day of school, last day of my life."

Fellow students say that Gladden had gone to guidance counselors for help in the past, but apparently warning signs were missed.

Milton Borowy, the father of 17-year-old Daniel Borowy, the student who Gladden shot in the back, asked parents to be friends with their child on social media outlets, and to be more aware and "wake up to what the social media shows you," in an interview on Thursday with the Associated Press.

He also begged teenagers to speak out if they suspect a fellow student is in trouble.

"Don't be shy, don't be afraid," Milton Borowy said. "If there's something suspicious, if you see something, you have to tell a guidance counselor. If it turns out to be a joke, great."

According to CBS Baltimore, parents and doctors say that despite his injuries, Daniel Borowy, who has Down syndrome, is strong, determined, and cooperative. When he was allegedly shot  Gladden, Borowy sustained a bruised lung, fractured rib and a dinner-plate sized hole in his right chest that doctors are working to close.

Rosemary Borowy says that her son wants to leave the hospital though, as he has gestured to his mother by moving two fingers in a walking motion while on his breathing tube.

Prior to the shooting, Borowy was happy about returning to school, and was especially excited to spend time working in the community as a part of his vocational skills program.

Milton Borowy requested privacy for his family and has asked the church helping to raise money to pay for Borowy's medical bills and other family and friends to keep personal conversations private. He added that he still does not know the circumstances of the shooting and whether Gladden knew Borowy, but that he and his wife are staying focused on their son.