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Tricking Out Your MP3 Player

In our series Batteries Not Included we have been talking electronic accessories. In the first installment, we talked about

. In the second installment, we talked about . The third segment was all about ways to and televisions.

Now, in our final installment we are talking about MP3 players and iPods. From the best home speaker systems, to headphones, to the best way to use your MP3 in the car, we have it all. Early Show contributor and CNET TV Senior Editor Natali Del Conte, once again walks us through it all.

Mint 220 Wireless Speakers -- This iPod speaker dock is compact, and fits neatly into any corner of your room. It plays music from both Mac and PC computers. It has a solid sound, and is very easy to set up. However, due to it's size and limited wireless range it can be a tough sell for very large spaces. But for the price, a good-looking machine that does a solid job.
Price: $130

Logitech Pure-Fi Dream Alarm Clock Speakers -- This system is both stylish and solidly built. It's an AM/FM iPod/iPhone clock radio. It has a motion-controlled snooze mode and it has a good sound for a compact system. It presets for radio stations and iPod playlists. It also has bass and treble controls and a backlit remote.
Price: About $200

Sony MDR-V700DJ Headphones -- These are great earphones for audiophiles who want the highest sound quality possible at a cheaper price. Their folding design and ten-foot cord give you a wide range of movement. They have a quarter-inch adapter and a comfortable leather headband. They were originally made for professional DJs, so the sound quality is as optimal as you are going to get for the price.
Price: About $100

Shure Noise Canceling Earphones -- The Shure SE530 headphones offer exceptional clarity; deep, tight bass; rich, enveloping sound; and great noise isolation. They are also comfortable and include some useful extras such as an in-line volume control and an airplane adapter. Many people who prefer earbuds over the headphones will prefer these to the Bose.
Price: $300

Nike + iPod Watch Remote -- The Nike+ iPod Watch Remote enables you to hear how you run with instant voice feedback of your time, distance, calories burned and pace. Working in conjunction with your Nike+ iPod Sport Kit and iPod, this enables you to access both your music and workout features without having to reach for your player. And, yes, it even tells the time. In order to have this and make it work, you are going to need a Nike+ iPod Sport Kit.
Price: About $70

Zune Car Pack -- The Zune Car Pack gives you everything you need to be your own DJ, listening to your tunes through your car stereo while keeping your Zune charged. The Zune FM Transmitter will automatically select an optimal station for broadcast, simply tune into your radio and enjoy. It also charges your iPod or MP3 as you listen. It also includes a dashboard grip pad provides a great place to rest your device in the car. For longer commutes, it often takes more than one station to stay tuned in if you drive between different regions with different stations. The Zune FM Transmitter has two presets so you can easily swap back and forth between your most commonly used broadcast stations.
Price: $70

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