Trend Benders: Casey Anthony video catches fire

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Maggie Coughlan, senior editor at Gilt City, discuss some of the hottest of the hot:


The president joined 2011's most popular app this week, Instagram, where he uploaded two pictures and gained thousands of followers in just hours. People like to see what's going on behind the scenes with him, so this is a perfect way to share things with his supporters.


Sometimes, the loser is the one who really wins. This hilarious commercial, which just surfaced, was an entry from the Doritos Super Bowl commercials contest. The entry got close to half-a-million views in only two days. It was picked up by BuzzFeed and shared on Facebook and YouTube.


This week a video diary surfaced showing a newly-blonde Anthony talking about everything from adopting a dog to wanting to make more video entries - everything EXCEPT her trial and her late young daughter, Caylee. Casey was acquitted in Caylee's death.

The video went viral and has lots of people asking: What was Casey thinking?

You can watch the YouTube video below.