"It started to claw at my face": Colorado man recalls surviving mountain lion attack

Man survives mountain lion attack

Fort Collins, Colo. — A man from Fort Collins, Colorado told a harrowing story Thursday about his recent run-in with a mountain lion. Travis Kauffman said he was alone on a midday run along the trails of Horsetooth Mountain Park earlier this month when he heard a noise.

"I turned around and was pretty bummed out to see a mountain lion chasing after me," he said. "It grabbed on to my hand and wrist. And from there it started to claw at my face and neck."

Kauffman, who is 5'10'' and about 155 pounds, said his fear became a primal struggle to survive.

"I stepped on its neck with my right foot, it finally stopped moving and the jaws opened and I was able to scramble back up the hill and get the heck out of dodge."

Travis Kauffman CBS Denver

Parks and wildlife officials have captured two juvenile mountain lions believed to be siblings of one involved in the Feb. 4 attack. The trails have now reopened to the public.

  • Mireya Villarreal

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