Toy Story 2... Video and PC Games

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It's a big new movie...and Disney Interactive has wasted no time creating new computer and console games and activities based on Toy Story 2. The action game is called Buzz Lightyear to the Rescue...

"One of the things that we did when we got the movie script was...we knew we were going to make a videogame for the movie and who does every kid want to play but sort of the ultimate action hero... Buzz Lightyear."
Game producer Peter Wyse. For younger children, a better bet is the Toy Story 2 Activity Center. Disney's Becky Holmes...

"The action game, which is available on the console as well as on the PC is designed more for kids 8 and up, whereas the activity center is the younger kids' game product for 4 to 8 year olds."
There's also a Print Studio title that lets kids of all ages make signs, banners, greeting cards and such with the Toy Story theme. The PC titles are for Windows machines and Macs...

"And it's the first time the action game for Mac, it'll be the first time that we've ever had a Macintosh version of the action game product line out there."
They should. After all Toy Story 2 was created by Pixar...headed by none other than Apple co-founder Steve Jobs.