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Top Tech Toys For Grownups

Even though the holidays are a special time for children, many adults can't help but get excited by the new gadgets that make their debut this time each year. CNET technology expert Natali Del Conte shares picks for some of the hottest gifts for grownups this holiday season.

  • Pleo Dinosaur: $249
    The interactive dinosaur responds to touch, interacts with you, and expresses emotions. Its sensory system has nearly 40 devices that enables sight, touch, and autonomous movement. Pleo sniffs, listens, and tries to figure out how to respond to the environment on its own.
  • H2go Hydrogen Fuel Cell RC Car:$150
    This battery-free remote control car runs on energy from water and the sun. It's a real-working version of a laboratory vehicle running on renewable and zero-emissions hydrogen fuel.
  • Ion iPTUSB Turntable: $119
    Turn any LP record into an MP3 album. The turntable is lightweight and portable at just 12 inches. It's battery powered and has a USB output so you can rip your records directly to your computer.
  • WowWee Robotics Roboquad: $53
    This four-legged robot has sensory awareness to help react to the environment. When something crosses its path, it swings its head to look at it and pauses to let it pass. The Roboquad uses an infrared beam to make decisions about how to act and can see objects up to 13 feet away. Use a remote control or let it go on its own!
  • Basic Concepts 3D Board Games: $29
    Basic Concepts created a new dimension in board games with its patented and groundbreaking pop-up technology. Treasure of the Lost Pyramid and Haunted Ruins both feature the same storyline sets of characters, The Relic Raiders. Each multi-level board game comes ready to play right out of the box and features several moving pathways within the board game structure as an added element for players' strategy.
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