Top PR Blogs And Why You Should Read Them (Part 1)

Last Updated Jan 30, 2008 10:04 AM EST

I read -- or more accurately, scan -- several dozen PR blogs on a regular basis, mostly looking for items and ideas to share with you on the Catching Flack blog. I do this through Google Reader, which is Google's feed reader.

I thought you might be curious about the PR blogs I read (though I hope you'll continue to think of Catching Flack as the *leading* PR blog on the Internet ;) ) and so I've compiled a list of Top PR blogs. Here's my selection criteria:

  1. Significant readership as measured by the subscriber count on Google Reader
  2. Gets updated on a regular basis
  3. Deals mainly in PR topics
  4. Allows you to subscribe to the full feed as a opposed to a partial (teaser) feed. There's one exception to this rule noted blow.
  5. Has something interesting and unique to say so you're not just wasting your time reading something you already know or don't care about.
My biggest pet peeve about PR blogs is when the writer veers off into the supposed PR implications of general news, such as the Clinton v. Obama fight for the Democratic nomination. I have a hard time believing that a PR blogger will have anything new to say on that topic. If they did, believe me, they would be on this list.

So here's Part One. Part Two will appear tomorrow (they're not listed in rank order):

  • PRoactive (Sally Falkow): Sally is one of the keenest observers of the impact of social media on PR. She offers practical insights and everything she posts is worth reading. She's also a great speaker if you have a chance to attend a seminar. [Update: Title edited after an email from Sally]
  • PR 2.0 (Brian Solis): One of the smartest voices on the rise of social media and the changing world of PR.
  • Edelman 6 A.M. (Richard Edelman): Always interesting and informative blog postings by the CEO of Edelman PR. Unlike some CEOs, who write but say little, Richard's blog is always direct and fact-filled.
  • PRNewser ( There's a lot of "news" in the PR industry about new hires and new agency accounts, and frankly, I can't think of anything more BORING. PRNewser keeps this drivel to a minimum and instead reports on all kinds of other interesting items about our industry.
  • Strumpette (Amanda Chapel/Brian Connolly): Witty, obnoxious, cynical with a capital C -- Strumpette provides the counterweight to all the earnest spinning we have to do in our business. Last year, Connolly was unmasked as the true author of Strumpette -- Amanda Chapel is a fiction. This is the only blog on this list that offers only a partial RSS feed, so you are forced to click on the headline link to read the whole thing. But at least it's free...
  • a shel of my former self (Shel Holtz): Provocative and plugged-in blogger who always has something interesting to say.
Got other PR blogs you like? Share them with us!
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