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Top 5 Office Pranks Gone Wrong

Sales professionals are frequently told that the folk in the back office are working hard, helping to provide support for the folk in the field. Yeah, right.

Truth is, in many cases, very little work gets done in back offices, particularly when the boss is away. Hey, that's what happens when folk don't work on commission.

A popular way for salaried cubicle rats to pass the time is by playing pranks on one another and then posting the video of the prank on YouTube. Most of these videos are repetitive and surprisingly unimaginative -- except when something goes wrong.

Here are five office pranks that didn't work... and sometimes with dire consequences.

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NUMBER 5 A very common office prank is trying to frighten somebody working in a cubicle. There are literally hundreds of these videos on YouTube, most of them pretty repetitive. However, this one went badly wrong...

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Everyone (except the boss) loves office birthday parties -- the perfect excuse to blow off a half-hour eating cake. However, you might want to skip using the "joke" candles that can't be blown out. Good thing this party was outside...

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You have to read between the lines to see where this one went wrong. A common office prank is to find a way to render a person's cubicle unusable. In this case, the guy holding the camera tried to disguise an obvious flirtation as an "office prank." While the victim seems pleased, it's the kind of "pleased" she might show if a blind date brought her roses -- too much, too soon, wrong venue.

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This guy is trying to play a joke by showing how he's going to staple his forehead, but with an empty stapler (so it won't hurt). But the joke's on him because somebody loaded staples in the thing.

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A final classic office prank is xeroxing something that's not supposed to be Xeroxed. However, such activity is not recommended usage for some copying devices.