Tonight: Exclusive Interview With Speaker Pelosi

Earlier today, in an exclusive interview with House speaker Nancy Pelosi, who played a key role in pushing the nearly $800 billion stimulus package through Congress, Katie asked her whether Republicans were treated fairly over the stimulus.

You can see more of the interview tonight on the Evening News – and check back here for additional transcripts and footage.

Katie Couric: Madam Speaker, you know, looking back on how this unfolded, do you think you've reached across party lines enough? Because not one Republican voted for the House version.

House speaker Nancy Pelosi: Well, that's – yes, I do think we reached across party lines. We gave them what they wanted. They wanted certain provisions in the bill. They wanted committee hearings and markups, what we call markups to the bill. We gave them 26 hours of amendment process then on the floor more amendments and a legislative opportunity. So I think ... they were treated fairly in terms of process.

Couric: But did you include them enough in the conversation and the discussion?

Pelosi: Well, they are always – the conversation is a public one here. But you have to remember that we had an election and it was about a direction for our country. We have strong philosophical differences in the Congress. This isn't inter-party bickering. This is major differences of opinion on philosophy on how our country should go forward.

We reject the failed Bush administration economic policies which got us where we are today. The proposals that the Republicans put forth were more of the same. We will not go back. In fact, even some of the Republicans in the House voted against the Republican proposal.