Tom Ashbrook, "On Point" radio host, faces misconduct allegations

BOSTON -- Tom Ashbrook, the host of one of National Public Radio's most successful programs, has been placed on leave while he's investigated for allegations of wrongdoing including engaging in "creepy" sex talks and unwanted contact with 11 mostly young women and men.

The allegations against Ashbrook include unwanted hugs and neck and back rubs to other people associated with the show. They were contained in a document and confirmed in multiple interviews by WBUR-FM, the Boston station that produces the show.

The station and station owner Boston University have hired an outside firm to investigate.

Ashbrook was put on leave last week. He says "once the facts come out" people will see him for who he is -- "flawed but caring and decent" in his dealings with others. "On Point" is carried by more than 290 NPR stations.

Charlie Kravetz, WBUR's general manager, addressed his staff last week in an off-the-record meeting, but declined questions about the allegations, according to the station's website. "Our primary concern is a positive work environment for everybody who works here and a respect for all those people who listen here in Boston and across the country," Kravetz said.