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Time magazine lists its 100 most influential people in the world

Time magazine's 100 Most Influential List, 2012 Time magazine

(CBS News) Time magazine announced its 100 most influential people in the word on Wednesday, and this year's list features a host of entertainers, political leaders, and even controversial figures.

The ninth annual list includes Warren Buffett, Mitt Romney, Apple CEO Tim Cook, Hillary Clinton, Ron Paul, Angela Merkel, Christine Lagarde, Kate, Duchess of Cambridge, Pippa Middleton, NFL quarterback Tim Tebow, "Fifty Shades of Grey" author E L James and many others.

Pictures: Stars on 2012's Time 100 list

Several celebrities made the list this year, including Rihanna, Chelsea Handler, Claire Danes, Kristen Wiig, Louis C.K., Stephen Colbert and Viola Davis.

The list features 54 international figures from 37 countries and also  includes several controversial figures, such as Syrian President Bashar Assad, North Korean Supreme Leader Kim Jong Un and Taliban leader Mullah Mohammed Omar.

It's divided into five categories: Moguls, Breakouts, Icons, Pioneers and Leaders.

There are 38 women on the 2012 Time 100 -- more than ever before. See the entire list here.

As always, Time magazine asks well-known figures to write the entries for the new list of influential people.

Here are some highlights:

Matt Lauer by Howard Stern: "We all wondered, Was it over? It's over, it's over, he's losing his hair! It's got to be over! But we were wrong! ... He was still the smartest, the strongest, the classiest.... No wonder NBC is paying someone $25 million a year and it ain't me!"

Rihanna by Stella McCartney: "She's one of the coolest, hottest, most talented, most liked, most listened to, most followed, most impressive artists at work today, but she does it in her own stride.... This is the beginning for Rihanna.... She is just getting going, so watch out. "

Warren Buffett by Barack Obama: "[Warren] uses his stature as a leader to press others of great means to do the same. The Sage of Omaha has handed down plenty of lessons over the years. Today, at 81, he reminds us that life is not just about the value you seek. It's about the values you stand for."

Tim Tebow by Jeremy Lin: "[Tim] is unashamed of his convictions and faith, and he lives a life that consistently reflects his values, day in and day out.... As athletes, we pour our hearts into winning games. Tim is a reminder that life is about much more than that."

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