Tiger, Michael On Their Late Dads

Tiger Woods and Michael Jordan
Two of the brightest stars in the athletic world reflected on The Early Show Thursday on one of the secrets to their success: their dads.

Tiger Woods remembered his father, Earl Woods, who was always in the background at his tournaments. Fans may remember the bear hugs he shared with his son after Tiger's wins.

Tiger said his father always came back after heart attacks and open heart surgery, but finally fought a battle he couldn't win. Earl Woods died of prostate cancer in 2006.

Michael Jordan also shared his thoughts on his father, James Raymond Jordan Sr., who died from a gunshot wound during a 1993 robbery attempt in North Carolina. Michael's father was never in the spotlight, but losing him had an impact on Michael's life. His father's death was so devastating that Jordan quit the National Basketball Association after the Chicago Bulls had won their third straight title.

Michael returned to stardom, but it took some time. He now says he's "blessed" to have shared as much time as he did with his father.

Both athletes put in their own words what their fathers meant to them, and how their dads' legacy has impacted their lives.

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