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Three Hours Later, Clinton Still on Flat Bed


From CBS News' Fernando Suarez:

SOMEWHERE IN PUERTO RICO -- Three hours into canvassing the streets of Puerto Rico with Hillary Clinton, and the mood is slightly different.

The press, once bouncing to the beat of the music, sits expressionless as the woman on the loudspeaker doesn't miss a beat. She's been screaming into the microphone as strong as she did when we started.

She continues to repeat the same message "Esta es la proxima y segura presidenta de los Estados Unidos! Aqui esta Hillary Clinton!" (This is the next and certain president of the United States! Here is Hillary Clinton!). "Asomanse a los balcones y reciba la proxima presidenta!" (Come to your balconies and receive you next president!)

The music continues in a loop, a variation of three songs playing over and over. Willie Colon gets the most play – "Treinta y cuatro anos de experencia, en cualquier emergencia voy con Hillary" he sings (Thirty four years of experience, I go with Hillary in any emergency). It sounds better in Spanish.

Clinton stopped outside of a city hall where a few hundred supporters stood waving "Hillary" signs, and she stood and posed for a picture with a woman wearing a Hillary Clinton costume mask. The woman over the loudspeaker reminds those on the street "Vota por Hillary para presidenta!" (Vote for Hillary for president!).

Clinton has spent the bulk of the time on the truck waving to onlookers, but she has taken a few breaks. She has moments where she looks tired, but random bursts in the music cause her to shake her hips and adds life to her face.

Along the road, her advance staff once zipping along on motorbikes with the excitement of a new toy, now seem a bit more intense and focused.

The traveling party continues for another three hours. I put my money on the woman on the loudspeaker to be the last person standing.