Threatened by iPad, PCs start to look like tablets
Threatened by iPad, PCs start to look like tablets
Dell Inspirion Duo

(CBS/AP) - If imitation is the sincerest form of flattery, computer makers are awfully flattered by tablet computers.

The success of products like the Apple iPad and tablets running the Android operating system is causing computer makers to take a new look at the way they are making their products.

As a result, the newest wave of PCs will look more like tablet computers.

Instead of the clamshell, open and close models, computer makers are opting for touch-sensitive screens - and the ability to see those screens without opening a cover.

One example: the Dell Inspirion Duo. Its screen can be flipped to face outward when the lid is folded - so it looks and acts more like a tablet than a laptop.

Not only do computer makers have to compete with Apple in the tablet market, they are also in competition with phone makers like Motorola who are coming out with their own tablet-like devices.